Kanye West For POTUS? What’s This All About?

Kanye West ignited his own type of fireworks this 4th of July weekend by announcing on Twitter he is running for President in 2020.

I know what you are thinking. I thought it, too. Great, another unqualified man who thinks he can be anointed POTUS, am I right? After I thought about it a while longer, however, I wondered, Could there be more to this than meets the eye?


As some may recall, West has made news for his outspoken support of Trump, as demonstrated in the above photo. Moreover, Trump’s other sleazy pal in crime, Roger Stone, has openly discussed this type of scenario as a tactic to peel African-American voters away from the Dems. Equally interesting is how quickly nutter, “lets-all-live-on-Mars-and-tell-the-Earth-to-go-fuck-itself,” mega-billionaire, Elon Musk, tweeted his full-throated support for West.

From One Boy Billionaire To Another

Really, Elon? Fascinated even more, I found myself wondering what might be behind all the hubbub. After all, West is not just any rapper. He is a billionaire rapper. In fact, Forbes estimates West’s fortune to be in the neighborhood of $1.3 billion. In that sense, he, Musk, and Trump are all kindred spirits, you might say. While West has zero chance of winning the election, if he mounted a serious campaign with all that money, could he siphon younger voters and some African-American voters from Biden? If so, how many? Enough for a Trump second term? Magic 8 Ball doesn’t have all the answers just yet.

What Does This Mean?

In addition, a larger question looms. If West is running purely as a MAGA-loving, upset candidate, what would a Mars-loving, shit-on-my-own-employee-health-and-safety-during-COVID billionaire like Musk stand to gain were Trump were to remain in office for another four years? Let’s again consult Magic 8 Ball. Certainly, if Trump wins, and I almost spit up typing that just now, we are bound to witness a continued assault on environmental and other corporate regulations that Musk is no fan of, despite his lip service to the contrary. We will be forced to endure more corporate welfare programs of which the “Repugnants” (otherwise known as Republicans) are so fond (and which have resulted in the largest transfer of wealth from the middle class in U.S. history).

Speaking of wealth transfers, Magic 8 Ball reminded me not to forget to mention the Internal Revenue Code (IRC). In its current iteration, the IRC is nothing but state-sanctioned larceny ensuring that billionaires like West, Musk, and Trump are legally permitted to hoard more wealth than 100 people could ever hope to spend in a lifetime, while an embarrassing number of Americans are forced to scratch and peck just to survive from paycheck to paycheck hoping beyond hope they do not get sick.

Sure, some of you may be thinking, Who cares, right? This is just some stupid publicity stunt by some stupid rapper. Perhaps. However, I thought Trump’s bid for the White House in 2016 was just a stupid publicity stunt. Yet, here we are.

We live in a time of distractions. Today, the name of the game is to entice the People to take their eyes off the ball. Look away from what is important. There’s nothing to see here, folks. Meanwhile, the current POTUS (aided by his corrupt group of half-brained sycophants) screw the Nation over. All the while, Trump enriches and empowers himself and his hideous brood of grifters. None of us who are true patriots and believe in democracy should take anything for granted between now and November, and I mean nothing. From now until Election Day, I am assuming that everything that happens is happening for a reason. West is no exception. To do otherwise means taking our eyes off the prize — giving Trump’s ass the boot.

Stay Focused, People. There Is Too Much At Stake To Remain Ignorant.

Lawyer, college instructor, life-long learner